It may look good... but is it REALLY clean?


What is VegeGuard?

VEGEGUARDVegeGuard is a 100% natural sterilizing rinse produced from the Surf Clam. Using the power of baked clam shell calcium refined through our original, internationally patented manufacturing process, VegeGuard removes unwanted chemicals, pesticides and hormone disrupting chemicals, all without taking from the natural goodness of the food, delivering safe, delicious food right into your home.

Why use VegeGuard?

The majority of us buy our fruit and vegetables from the grocer or supermarkets, but how clean are these? In their upbringing they have quite likely been bombarded with pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, preservatives and other waxes or harmful chemicals, and it’s easy to see - VegeGuard's solution will become cloudy to indicate the presence of these harmful chemicals; the cloudier the solution the more harmful chemicals are being removed. Fruit and vegetables cleaned with VegeGuard will not only be safe and taste great, they will also last longer:

New strawberry Old strawberry
Two strawberries, one week after being washed in VegeGuard solution and water respectively.

It’s easy to use!

Just one gram of powder into two litres of water will cleanse and fight bacteria and harmful chemicals for 24 hours. For just $1 a day, your food will last longer, taste better and be safer for you!


100% Natural and Safe Cleaning Power!

Unlike some similar cleaning solutions, VegeGuard is 100% natural and produced from a sustainable resource. Special steps are taken at each stage in the process to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality and cleanliness. Finally every sachet is hermetically sealed with just enough solution to last you the day - no need to open more than you need!

What’s happening inside VegeGuard?


VegeGuard’s meticulously processed powder targets wax, germs, pesticides, preservatives and other hormone disrupting chemicals attached to your food, separating and neutralizing them, leaving only clean, safe food.

After being washed in VegeGuard, a thin film of calcium is deposited onto the food which acts as a natural barrier against bacteria and mould. This barrier will help keep your food as fresh as possible until washed off. Tomato barrier

Chemical Composition

Ca Calcium 98.9
Na Sodium 0.41
Sr Strontium 0.40
S Sulfur 0.17
Cl Chlorine 0.05
Si Silicon 0.05
K Potassium 0.02
Fe Ferrum -
Al Aluminum -
P Phosphorus -
*Analysis by X-ray Fluorescence

Anshin-Yasai’s Bacteria Killing Results: (Bacterial Unit: mil.)

Food-poisoning causing bacteria: # of bacteria 0.05% solution 0.15% solution
E.coli (0-157) 730,000 <10 <10
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa 530,000 170 <10
Vibrio Parahaemolyticus 120,000 <10 <10
Salmonella 400,000 <10 <10

Anshin-Yasai’s Chemical-Removing Results:

Organochloride-type Tests on unpolished rice show a 70% chemical decrease
Organophosphorus-type Tests on Bok Choy show a 43% chemical decrease
Carbamates Test on mini tomatoes show a 90% chemical decrease

It doesn’t end with food!

DishesDon’t throw away that used solution! VegeGuard is such a versatile product! Once you've soaked your vegetables for 10 minutes, take them out and soak some more, or use that old solution for cleaning - no need for it to go to waste! Why not try…

Clean sponge Soak those old sponges in VegeGuard solution will not only help to break down slime and buildup, but also restore some of its original elasticity.
Utensils Clean those utensils, dishes and cutting boards by soaking them in VegeGuard solution for 10 minutes.
Clean Toilet Pouring it in the toilet will help to loosen and remove built up grime and dirt.
Clean Pipe VegeGuard solution will help to clean the muck inside those dirty sinks and pipes.
Clean plant VegeGuard solution is not only safe for plants, but your plants will in fact liven up.

How to Order:

Buy in store : Made In Nippon 313 Queen Street, Auckland City
Order online via email : please email $30 per box including GST and postage (within NZ)